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A New Decree – Sarah Crew

There are several studies about how childhood trauma leads to chronic long term sickness as an adult. The stress and the toll that that takes places is enormous:

here is a link to ONE ARTICLE.

Many of you know and many of you may not – that I have been on a personal quest to find out what happened to my dad. To know why such a Godly, changed man who ate a healthy diet died.

About 6 months after my dad passed a co-worker made a comment about the death of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. You may know him for his ukulele cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She commented that he passed away from obesity related issues. She wondered aloud how much beauty he might have added to the world if he had made a simple diet change. That hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see my dad had changed his diet. At the age of 38 he had chronic adrenal fatigue from carrying the weight of childhood trauma. Doctor’s said he would be in a wheel chair by the time he was 40. As a fisherman, Dad always thought the sea would take him to a watery grave before 40.

A pastor came to him and said, “Jack, you have a call on your life and you need to be strong enough to carry it. You need to change your diet and eat right so you are strong enough to walk in the anointing God has for you.” My dad, being the disciplined man he was, did so immediately. He became a vegetarian. He started fasting and juicing. (*Note this was a positive change from his previous diet. We are not endorsing a vegetarian diet and don’t believe it is a sustainable long term solution for most people.) And he not only cured his Chronic Fatigue but he kept himself out of a wheelchair.

At the age of 46, with his marriage falling apart and burnout imminent he went to revival in Toronto and was miraculously touched by God. There he received the revelation of the Father’s love that he carried to the nations. Christian families and churches around the world changed for the better because of the revelation my parents received and gave away. Dad was strong enough by the age of 46 to travel the world and share the message!

The Lord reminded me of the story of Esther. King Ahasuerus made a decree. He had unwittingly decreed the destruction of the Jews. Dad’s lifestyle of hyper aggressive striving along with childhood trauma and poor eating habits had made a decree. But when King Ahasuerus realized what would happen, he issued a new decree. He said Fight for yourselves! Take up arms. That is what dad did when he changed his diet. He took up arms and fought for himself. Dad bought himself 14 more years on this earth from when he thought he would leave it. As a result, he brought the revelation of the Father’s love to thousands with his transparency and fishing stories.

But what if Dad had not listened to the mandate God gave him? Changing one’s whole diet is HARD! How many of you would not be changed today? How many of you would not be set free today? At Shiloh Place we would like to bring healing to all three aspects of the man’s nature- Spirit, Soul, AND body! We have seen first hand that many people with emotional trauma also deal with physical trauma.   We have seen how when someone forgives and releases bitterness and pain they may experience physical healing.

We feel like God is calling us to find a way to combine all three. I also experienced a breakthrough in physical health. Many of you know that I am a health coach trained in The Plan. The reason I sought training was because following The Plan resulted in me being able to come off anti-depressants. It also helped our daughter avoid needing medication for restless leg syndrome. I have now seen many people lose weight and receive healing as a coach. It’s too much to explain here but I will sum up The Plan by saying its individualized, and its chemistry not calories.

The reason I bring that up is that my physical state and my emotional state were tied to one another! I had been through tons of ministry and received a level of healing. It turns out though that I was reactive to food I was putting in my body and it was hurting my emotional state. I didn’t set out to find this outcome. I set out to drop a couple of pounds. I believe God dropped this in my path though. I believe this was a divine discovery! I believe God is adding to our understanding.

Our focus is still helping people encounter a loving Father and understand their identity as sons and daughters of God. We aren’t changing who Shiloh Place is but you may see us add to it from time to time.

If God is calling you to change something, to issue a new decree, we encourage you to find a way to get help and change. Whether it be a financial mandate, health mandate, or more education. Whatever it may be- God will confirm it.

BTW – We are here to help in any way we can!

with love,


15 thoughts on “A New Decree – Sarah Crew

  1. Kelle Dixon says:

    Hi Sarah
    I cannot thank you enough for this article. I am a 52 year old woman on a quest for wholeness as a Christian. Sozo, inner healing,
    clean eating, soaking and much more have been a part of my process. Yesterday I fasted and today your article. Please let me know if you have any info that may help. I have had arthritis and am now recovering from a fractured pelvis… I am going to read the childhood book references in the article.
    Thank you again.
    Blessings to you and all at Shiloh.

    • sarahcrew says:

      Hi Kelle,

      Thank you so much for responding! The Metabolism Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas is an excellent book on finding what is healthy for YOU as an individual. What may work for you may not work for others. Lyn-Genet has been training me in the health and nutrition aspect.

      I also have a Facebook page that I have started and am posting info and articles about health there. https://www.facebook.com/breakingfreeplan/

      As always- keep an eye on Shiloh Place’s page. Doug and I traveling and speaking and we have events on the spirit and soul aspects and as we go I will be trying to incorporate how those two affect the body.

      Blessings- Sarah

  2. Lianne says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Since 5 years I’m soaking for hours every day, just because the Father asked me to do so.
    Since a 2 years I’m married with my second husband, and a few weeks after our weddingday we started making serious work of forgiving, confessing and blessing.
    Since months my husband, my son and I are eating vegan, and even not eating several vegetable products. Few weeks ago I started juicing for myself. It all together feels like a sort of fasting… People around us are worried, but we know for sure this is Gods way, anyway!
    Since a few months I don’t soak very much anymore, because the Lord gave me something else to do: prophetic sewing and embroidery.
    Lot of emotional things has gone by, but physical? I have overweight, my thyroid has grown and isn’t working optimally, and I’m tired tired tired!
    I’m not worried about it, for I know the Father will speak on His time and take care in His way, but… I’m very glad with your story, because it confirms me we have not become crazy (like people around us think), but we are on Fathers way!
    When you have some insight in what is missing… please let me know!

    Love and blessings,
    (the Netherlands)

    • sarahcrew says:

      Thank you for sharing!

      Please be careful with being a vegan. This is not an optimal diet plan for your Thyroid. Get the book The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas. I have learned so much about how vegetarians and fasting and juicing saved dad because he got nutrients he never had before but as he aged his body became less and less able to digest the extra cellulose in beans and legumes.

      Only about 17% of Caucasians can sustain being a vegetarian. We just weren’t built for it with our shorter colons! You need to find what is healthy for YOU! By testing it. Read The Plan! I know it’s in Germany and I think its also in Dutch.

      I believe if I had the information before Dad was diagnosed that I have learned from The Plan and studying to be Nutritionist with them- Dad could have been saved.

  3. JoLynn DiGrazia says:

    Hi! I am an inner city minister who has experienced burn out time and time again. We have and are currently studying the Father’s heart and follow up materials. I have scoliosis and am now bed ridden. I am interested…..very. Thank yo for the continued ministry following your beloved papas going to be with the Lord. You have changed countless lives through the love of the Father in our community through the materials…. love you. HELP

    • sarahcrew says:

      Hi JoLynn- Thank you so much for commenting. Thank you for your encouragement.

      Do you see a chiropractor? My daughter has a twisted vertebrae in her back and lived in constant pain. They were able to help her. Thing you want to look for in a good chiro is that they warm up the muscles before hand either with exercise, 2-3 minutes massage, or heating pad. Other wise your muscle can contract back to hard and feel like whip lash for days.

      You like my nutritional Facebook page for more information on health and lowering inflammation: https://www.facebook.com/breakingfreeplan/

      Also read the book The Plan or The Metabolism Plan by Lyn-Genet. Her system really helped me lower my daughters inflammation in conjunction with a chiropractor and she has been mostly out of pain for 2 years.

  4. Lianne says:

    I’m sorry Sarah, this was a sort of “bluntly” (kort door de bocht, we say in the Netherlands), maybe… Father showed us a week ago, this all veganistic food has to do with cleaning up, being to acid instead of more base (are this the right English words?)… so it has to do with a healingproces, and I think we have to go back, once… He will show us! In my first reply I asked you for maybe a missing insight… I always hope for more revelation from the Holy Spirit about our situation… Sometimes He surprise us through other people, that was the reason I asked you for more insight 😉 Bless you!

    • Sarah Crew says:

      NO worries Lianne! That is wisdom- you may be getting nutrients you have had before. That helped me dad at first. I wish he had done a short time as a vegetarian and then tested each food to see if it worked for him or did not. Sigh. I cannot if only forever though. 🙂

      Bless you too Lianne! and thank you for commenting! 🙂 It was so good to see people responding and that I am not a alone in this journey of healing.

      • Lianne says:

        Alone Sarah? Ow not at all… We only have a few friends, who walk a same sort of way with God. And last months I’ve prayed for bringing together more people (old friends?) who do this. And He is bringing. And it is wonderful, some of them have the same sort of revelations, that Father leaded them about food. It’s the same like doing exercises to get more bodypower, energy and so on. I know, I am not able to do one of the things people mostly do, it’s just to much. Father asks me to make little prayerwalks to start with. He also leads others in this. He is making up His army of total healthy people (total… spirit body soul). I love it!

  5. Eva Njunge says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your sharing. Let me also appreciate here that your dad’s revelation of father/ Sonship and the orphan spirit started my journey to emotional healing. I am now a son. However, let me point out that we need to be led of the Lird in everything we do. The methodologies such us changing diet, having a spiritual father, etc, all sound good but if we do not know our identity in Christ, all will not work. We need to understand the finished work of Christ, the cross, our value, righteousness and our new identity as sons. Pls, go to you tube, search Dan Mohler, he takes the Sonship position further to show us how we become sons. The changes that follow are amazing n healing follow. Without the revelation of the finished work of the cross, our issues remain. Hope this will help somebody.

  6. Lyn says:

    Thanks Sarah, I’ll get the book and have a read.
    Father God has certainly used everything your dad established and everything you continue to do, to draw me into Father Gods lap. The emotional healing and awareness of how much God loves me just keeps amazing me.
    Thank you and may God himself continue to surprise you, and your family, with continued, intimate, layers of His Love that just are so profound, so wonderful, so perfectly timed and designed just for you…….that…… .

  7. Rob Malcomnson says:

    Hi Trish and Sarah,
    So glad SPM is taking on this aspect of wholeness. Right in line with what God has been showing me as well. And I’m glad you aren’t promoting a vegetarian diet as the long-term, sustainable answer because it lacks key elements that can protect against cancer and other chronic illness. Bottom line is to eat according to God’s design (Gen. Ch. 9) both in food choices and quality, as well as food preparation methods. It gave me lots of satisfaction to supply your mom with organic produce when she ministered in Flint, MI earlier this summer. Maybe someone from SPM can return to help me build awareness in local churches for believers to address God’s design for the food/lifestyle part of the equation?

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