A Summer Full of Healing Hearts

This summer was so amazing, tiring, but amazing! The amazing bits made the tiring bits so worth it. This summer was the first time Doug and I went out on our own and did a mini northeast tour. We started in Vineland, New Jersey where Life on the Vine Church gave us our very first opportunity to speak on a Sunday morning. There we got to pray for a teenage boy who was adopted and was struggling with why his birth mom had let him go. We got to pray for 2 small children whose father had left them and their mother, giving them hope and helping them to start a journey of forgiveness. From there we went to Connecticut, and spoke in a ministry where we prayed for a young man diagnosed with Bi-polar. We were able to encourage him to stay on his medications and seek help from the local ministry there until the time his doctor released him from medication. He was so unsure, but called us several weeks later and thanked us for the counsel. He said he felt like submitting himself to the leadership there was definitely the best thing he could have done.

In Rhode Island, we joined up with mom for an Unbound Workshop. We stopped over at a Mountain of Worship home gathering where we spoke on Would You Rather Be Right or Have Relationship. That very night while Doug and I were still praying for people, other people stepped outside to call their former pastors and repent for their judgement of them. One of the people was a spiritual daughter of the pastors of the church that was hosting the Unbound event. They had received some hurts and instead of sitting down with the pastors, she suddenly turned on the pastors and left the church. It had been several months. The pastors loved her and it was deeply wounding for her to leave. Our message of choosing relationship over judgement spoke to her heart and she reached out to them at 10pm that night and repented. She ended up coming to two of our meetings and I(Sarah) was able to minister to her and pray for her one on one.

Oh yeah, our kids, through this whole 3 state adventure, were so amazing! They were right in there being flexible, brave, hopping from house to house, and having such great attitudes despite the late nights and long ministry sessions. God completely blessed us this summer with great babysitters that I have long time relationships with and trusted. These girls flew or drove for several hours to help us!

The kids and I were able to spend two weeks at home while Mom and Doug went to the Aldersgate Renewal Conference where mom had the opportunity to speak to a group of about 1500 spirit-filled Methodists and present a couple of workshops. Mom and Doug said that it took them by surprise how passionate and hungry the folks were. Mom spoke to a group of leaders who were very responsive to the message of Sonship.


A week after they got back we left to join Dave and Kris Toyne for their annual school in Clear Lake, IA. I almost didn’t go but Doug really felt like the Lord was calling us to do this as a family. He was so right. The kids had an amazing time with our friends. Doug and I did prayer ministry sessions each night after the school and Doug did small groups. I was super impressed with him, as mercy is a not his highest gifting!

I got to minister to a woman whose story almost broke me. One of the other students invited her, a perfect stranger to him. He felt led by Holy Spirit to ask her after hearing her talk a bit about her father.

Even though she had been saved for many years and loved the Lord she had never been able to forgive her father for the extreme abuse she and her family suffered at the hands of the one meant to protect her. She felt so strongly that she needed to come to our school even though she had never heard of us or met this man before! She came and I have never seen someone so set free in such a short amount of time. She went into the 1-hour ministry session unable to forgive her father at all. But God really spoke to my co-lead, Sondra and I, during this ministry session. He gave us exactly the right thing to say at the right time. Then Doug came into the session so we had a man’s voice blessing her and praying over her. By the end, she not only forgave her father but she had laid him at the foot of the cross and walked away from the mountain of pain that had kept her in jail. Sondra, Doug, and I felt led to pray over her physical body which had been through a lot. She had a list of major health issues. She lived in terrible pain but was unable to take pain medications due to a liver disease called non-alcohol cirrhosis of the liver.  Within 1 hour of leaving the ministry session the constant pain in her neck and spine had gone. By the next morning she had a range of motion in her neck that she had not had in over 15 years and was still pain free. She was so free, this little Baptist girl, as she called herself, prayed for physical healing over someone else! She was so full of joy! I have heard other people give such testimonies, but never before I have been a part of one. It was so humbling and I feel so privileged to get to do this, to get to be a healer.

I feel so honored to be able to share this with you. Because every single one of you who have supported us through finances and prayer, or buying our resources or giving away one of our books, every single one of you get to say, “I did that.” I helped that woman be healed. Without the intercession and the finances to keep going we would have shut our doors long ago. But we are still alive and healing and going place to place.

If you want to be a part of someone receiving such healing, please go to our website and donate. You can scholarship someone to a school. We get calls all the time from people asking for scholarships and help getting to a school or event. We never want finances to be a hindrance to someone in pursuit of receiving this kind of freedom. If the finances are there, we try to scholarship 2-3 students through discounts or free registration.

I want to take a minute here to really focus on another way to be a part of such healing. We need intercessors. Intercessors help build a hedge of thorn between us and the enemy. Intercessors keep the enemy from stealing, killing, and destroying the resources we are using to bring healing to God’s children. It doesn’t matter how much people donate, if the enemy is able to steal from us. Where two or more come together we form armies and legions. Our families and our team is in a season where things are being stolen.  So we ask that you would join us in setting up a standard of prayer and protection over SPM so we can keep going. So we can thrive and not just survive.

Thank you for your love and support!  – Sarah

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