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Bill Johnson on Shiloh Place Ministries
Nov, 1, 2013 Pastor Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, CA shares his thoughts on Shiloh Place and the message of Father’s Love.
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I was getting a revelation of the Father’s love and He was healing much of the inner pain…
… finding a safe place in Father’s heart has enabled me to have a healthy view of authority for the first time.
–Rob Malcomnson, Flint, Michigan …read more

Shiloh Place was birthed in 1991 from Jack and Trisha’s shared vision to create an environment where leaders could come and be safe. Later they formed a small group with three other couples where shared values would help bring healing to their lives and marriages. This group saw such change in their relationships and families that it overflowed to others, both leaders and churches. In 1996 Jack received a revelation of Father God’s love that first impacted and transformed his family. As he began to share this testimony, and the lessons the family learned, Shiloh Place grew into a ministry of influence. Since that time individuals, families, churches and leaders all over the world have continued experiencing Father’s love. Even more, they are becoming influencers of change in their families, churches, and communities. God has added many to that small group and today our ministry team numbers more than 80 people.

Our Values, Vision, and Mission

“When aligned around shared values and united in a common mission, ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.”

-Ken Blanchard

Shiloh Place is value centered more than vision driven because vision may change but values do not. Our values are what help us make Godly and ethical decisions when in difficult situations. We seek for our values to represent our personality and character at Shiloh Place and we desire to establish a culture of relational health.

Our Mission

For the world to experience the Father’s transforming love
through the hearts of leaders.

When the heart of a leader can be healed an entire church family or even a nation can be healed and brought into relationship with God as a loving Father.

Our Core Values

Our values are the beliefs that we have about what is right and wrong. They provide boundaries for us in our decision making process. If we use our values to make our decisions our decisions will align with the future that we believe God wants us to experience.

  • Honor: We seek to view each person as God’s creation and worthy of value and respect.
  • Excellence: We seek for excellence in all things, diligently exceeding expectations.
  • Accountability: We value relationships that encourage responsibility, accountability, and intimacy.
  • Love: We seek to be an expression of Father’s love, first to our families, then to the world.
  • Truth: We seek in word and action to do the right thing, even if it costs us.
  • Humility: We value humility and transparency, hiding nothing from God or one another.

Our Vision

We are motivated by the idea that if our values impact people in a large way there will be a significant transformation in the way they walk with God and how they daily do church life. Thus our values have helped to lead us in the development of our vision.

  • Impart Father’s transforming love through encounters and schools.
  • Strengthen families and ministries through healing prayer and intercession.
  • Inspire a lifestyle of intimacy in relationships and families.
  • Release to the nations ministries of healing, restoration, and salvation.
  • Multiply safe places for personal restoration and equipping throughout the nations.

12 thoughts on “About Shiloh Place

  1. Mike (Quigley) Quillen says:

    Just finished “From Slavery to Sonship” for the second time, this is the breakthrough I have been longing for. Thank you for your ministry. Father, Bless them please. Quigley

    • Trisha Frost says:

      Thank you Mike…I, Trisha, teach that a lot when I am at the speaker at events and everytime I teach it I also receive more healing in areas of the Orphan Mindset. Bless you as you keep moving forward…

    • Doug Crew says:

      Its so good to hear that our Sonship materials are having an impact in your life! Thank you for sharing with us. It is inspiring to hear the encouragement.
      Was the book, CDs, or DVD curriculum that you just completed?

      Thank you,

  2. Aaron says:

    I am reading “Experiencing Father’s Embrace” as part of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry 1st year curriculum. I am eager to go deeper and so glad this ministry makes available more resources. I plan to use your resources for our team in China. Please email me if you have an interest in having your books translated into Chinese – I can recruit interns for this purpose.

    • Doug Crew says:

      Its awesome to hear that you will be using our resources in China! The book is already translated into Chinese. If you need to order resources in that region you can visit our international distributor’s site at Revival International . They have all of our products and are located in Singapore. They would also be able to tell you where to find the Chinese version of Experiencing Father’s Embrace.
      We pray your work sees increase and blessings!

  3. Doug starr says:

    Jack, Tricia
    Dont know if you remember me but the Lord put you on my mind. Would love to hear from you.
    252 469 6472
    Doug Starr

    • Trisha Frost says:

      Hello Doug,
      I am not sure I do remember you. Thank you for thinking about us though. Jack passed away about nine years ago of lung cancer. We have been able to keep the ministry and message alive though he passed. OUr kids are now grown and they all have children of their own. Hope all is well with you.


  4. Rob Tranthem says:

    I’m ready Jack’s book, “Experiencing Father’s Embrace”, this book is changing my life!!! I’ve made a mess of my life, but Father’s Love is restoring me, and I pray, my family is restored as well.

    • Doug Crew says:

      We still do our schools. I think that is what you are referring to. We have one coming up Feb. 1-4 here in Myrtle Beach, SC at Seacoast Vineyard Church. They attendance is set to a maximum of 40 people.
      This school is the Heart of Sonship School. We will have the full info up on the website by the end of next week. The price will be $187. That includes snacks, coffee, water, a copy of the Spiritual Slavery to Sonship book, a CD containing all of the notes we use along with some other goodies. We also have 3 small group sessions as well as corporate ministry times. This is what I recommend for everyone that calls asking about personal prayer ministry. People find that they have great breakthrough at the schools and in the small groups.
      I may have a scholarship for you since you are a pastor. I should at least have a partial for you. Let me know if you have more questions or are interested. dug.crew@shilohplace.org
      Have a great day!

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