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Meet with Trisha!

Navigate Life and Ministry with Trisha Frost Trisha Frost Helps Leaders Navigate Life and Ministry For years Trisha Frost has met and counseled with leaders who either got connected to Trisha through a mutual friend or already knew her personally. Trisha partners with Father to bring hope by helping them navigate life in their inlet of […]

navigate life - Trisha
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Navigate Life – Let’s Do It Together!

Going into the next year with the goal of success is everybody’s desire.  Have you ever met anyone who seriously believed that they would start a whole new year as a failure, unable to navigate life? Well now you have. It was me. I did it! I didn’t realize it, but that is exactly what […]

Fred Rogers
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Mr. Rogers – Prodigal

Wow 2016 was an emotional rollercoaster! Many of us saw old heroes die. We were gripped by a melancholic nostalgia as the news of David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Florence Henderson, Gene Wilder, Prince, and most recently and tragically for Star Wars fans, Carrie Fisher along with many others. Some of us are ecstatic when we […]

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Hey Y’all, Its Celebration Time!

YOU’RE INVITED! To what? Well, I am glad you asked! To change, well that is not exactly what I am inviting you to but the invitation to change is always present is it not? But it’s sooo haarrd! Change is difficult. It’s more difficult for some than others but if even you ask those who […]

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The Gift of Imagination

“The secret of change is not on fighting the old but on building something new.” – Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman This is so true. I spent 5 years struggling with moderate postpartum depression. If you have ever struggled with depression you know how debilitating it is, especially as a Christian.  There […]