Products and Resources

How do I return a faulty product?

Call or email our Resource Department [email protected] with details of the problem.

What shipping options do you offer?

UPS Ground, Next Day, Second Day, and 3 Day.
USPS Priority, Media Mail and International

Does UPS ship to PO Boxes?

Only USPS can ship to a PO Box.

How do I download a product?

If you order an MP3 or other downloadable product you will receive an email with a download link after you complete your purchase. The download link works for a limited time.

In what order do you suggest I listen to your series?

Start with series on the Father’s Love, Restoring The Father’s Love and move on to series about growing into mature sons by displacing the orphan heart, Slavery To Sonship. Series on issues of the heart are applicable to anyone at any time Breaking Free, Healing the Wounded Heart, Displacing Hidden Core Pain. Finally, any of the series on healthy leadership and ministry, Slavery To Sonship, Father’s Love Transforming Our World, Avoiding Pitfalls For Leaders, Confronting The Taskmasters Of Your Life, Pulling Down Strongholds Through Prayer And Fasting.

What are the manuals for?

Manuals contain notes and diagrams to help you get the most from listening to the teaching. Where a printed manual is available we recommend purchasing the teaching series plus the manual, not the manual alone.
*Manuals and Guides are different. Guides are written as accompaniment to the DVD series.

Can we make copies of product?

We prefer you not to make copies of our products as this prevents the authors receiving royalties for their work. An exception would be one or two copies to give away to leaders or friends.

What languages are Jack’s books translated in? Who owns the publishing rights?

Experiencing Father’s Embrace has been translated into Polish, Korean, Russian, German and Bosnian. Publishing rights are owned by Destiny Image or Frost Enterprises.


Do I need to register for an encounter?

No, unless the encounter details say so.

What can I expect at an Encounter?

Teaching on the encounter topic, together with personal stories and corporate ministry times to help you receive God’s love for yourself and to share with others.

What if I can’t attend the whole encounter?

Please attend all you can. The time you can invest in attending will influence the degree to which you benefit.

How do I invite a Shiloh Place speaker to my church?

Visit to our Invitation Form Page and fill it out with details of what you desire. We will contact you to arrange the details.

What topics can you speak on?

Any of the topics listed on the Encounters page, plus any of the titles in the online store.


How do I apply?

Click the Register button located (usually in 2 places) on the Event Information page. This will take you to the online registration form.

Are there any entry requirements?

Everyone is welcome (although places are limited). We ask for a pastor’s knowledge of your participation.

What is the timetable and teaching schedule?

See the individual event page for details.

What is the cost and when do I pay?

Payment is due at the online registration process.

Are there scholarships?

Limited scholarship funds may be available for Schools. We encourage you to first seek financial help from your home church/pastor and network of friends.

Prayer Ministry

Who can come?

Anyone, except those who are psychologically unstable. If you are taking medication for an emotional condition we ask that you be in a stable, improved condition before applying for prayer ministry.

How do I apply?

Download the Ministry Request Form and send it to us either by email or standard mail. You will receive an email with a link to pay the $25 application fee once we have received your completed Ministry Request Form.

What is the cost?

A minimum suggested donation of $45 per 50 minute session.

What can I expect?

Download a copy of our “Preparing for your ministry sessions” sheet for details.

Who are the ministers?

The ministers are members of our ministry team who are released to minister in this format. They are overseen by our Chaplain.

What about follow-up?

We recommend you report back to your pastor and seek follow-up in your home church. If your pastor requests it we can arrange a follow-up telephone call with your ministry team once or twice following your ministry sessions.

What are requirements before coming for ministry?

After we receive your application form we will contact you to arrange the ministry sessions. We require that you complete Jack’s book “Experiencing Father’s Embrace”, and the teaching series “Breaking Free before you arrive as this will give needed understanding for the ministry sessions.


How do I become a ministry team member?

The process is described in the Ministry Team manual which is required reading before applying.

How do I become a volunteer?

To help with resource distribution (making, packing and shipping products) contact our Resource Department. To help in other ways (mailings, maintenance, yard work, and administrative support) contact our general office ([email protected]).

Is this a deliverance ministry?

We focus more on pouring in love to heal emotional wounds, and on receiving revelation of loving truth to set free. Our prayer ministers are familiar with a wide range of ministry methods, including deliverance.

What is the agape reformation?

We use the term “agape reformation” to describe a major change in the heart and focus of the Church resulting from a revelation of Father God’s unconditional love (Greek: agape).

Can you recommend a church in my area?

Sorry, we can’t.

How do I get a revelation of the Father’s love?

Ask Him to make Himself known to you. Start with some of the resources listed in the online store, come to a one week school or Shiloh Place encounter.

What is soaking?

We use the term “entering His rest” to describe deliberately taking time to be still in Father God’s loving presence. We allow Him to deepen our revelation and experience of His love, setting us free from independence and the consequences of sin, and bringing us into greater intimacy with Him. Some use the term “soaking” for this process.