Dear Pastor,

Thank you for inviting Shiloh Place to minister in your city. Our desire is that you, your leadership, and those you serve will experience the love of God

We exist to minister to you, the senior pastor, and to the leadership of your ministry.  When we come to your city we seek to honor, serve and support you and the other leaders in the city; speaking and ministering in a way that builds upon the vision you have for your local churches and community.

We minister with churches of various traditions, denominational backgrounds, sizes, and structures.  We have teachers and ministers with extensive and wide-ranging experience, and we also offer schools, and personal ministry at Shiloh Place for you, your leadership, and your leaders in training.

Please tell us your personal vision and expectations for us coming to your city, using the questions on the attached form as a starting point. You can also use the form to request information on the resources available to you through Shiloh Place.

Please return this invitation by email or fax; our leadership team will pray over it, and discuss how we may best serve you. We will respond to you as soon as possible after we have done this, usually within ten to twelve working days.

Thank you again for your trust in us.

In Father’s love,

Trisha Frost
Shiloh Place Ministries

Invitation form for a Shiloh Place Encounter

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Typical Encounter Schedule:

The typical outline of an encounter is to start on Friday evening, with two morning sessions on Saturday (9:00am to 11:00am and 11:30am to 1:00pm), an evening session on Saturday and then your normal Sunday service schedule. We can adjust to the needs of your ministry. What pattern of meetings would you prefer?


Travel Expenses:

In the case of a typical encounter, hosted in a local church by a group of churches, the costs of the event, including one coach class airfare or mileage (which is presently .50/mile), and one hotel room, are covered by the host church(es) and offerings are received for Shiloh Place. If your practice is to withhold expenses from offerings, please outline your policy.

If we are traveling by car we will need a separate check for the mileage IRS purposes. We will need the check 2 weeks before the event. This helps to keep our expenditures in order.

Mileage can be figured from Little River, SC 29566 using Google Maps, Mapquest, or something similar. If you need help in this contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to help.



There is a minimum requirement of $450 per session taught. A typical Encounter would have 3 sessions plus Sunday morning. That would put the minimum amount at $1800. If offerings come in higher and you would like to bless us with that amount it would be greatly appreciated.  IMPORTANT:  The offering/honorarium check must be one check made out to Shiloh Place from the church.  People giving should make their checks out to the church.  A couple of last minute checks are OK but more than a couple causes an issue with contributions for individuals and the IRS.


IMPORTANT: The offering check must be one check made out to Shiloh Place from the church. People giving should make their checks out to the church. A couple of last minute checks are OK but more than a couple causes an issue with contributions for individuals and the IRS.
Preferences for Trisha:

  • Hotel room. Lower floor is preferred.
  • Host home for person who travels with her.
  • Water, fruit, raw nuts, or breath mints ONLY in her room or basket.  PLEASE, NO CANDY, HOMEMADE GOODIES OR HEALTH FOOD STORE ITEMS!
  • Hotel breakfast is fine.
  • The main food she avoids is wheat products.
  • No dinner for herself before speaking.  Whoever travels with her will likely want to eat.

Needs For Meetings:

  • Power Point capability. Operated either from her laptop up front or from a computer in the back.  Either one is fine.
  • She uses a couple of videos that are played from her power point but anyway to play them is fine.
  • Worship before sessions to invite His presence and prepare hearts.
  • Prefers for all church leadership to be at the meetings.  If the leadership doesn’t get the message the church doesn’t.  We are primarily there to serve pastors not just to provide a meeting for the congregation.
  • May require an alter workers training prior to the meetings depending on the situation.