Testimonies of how God has touched lives through Shiloh Place.

Experiencing the Fathers Embrace

At the age of two my father abandoned our family and I grew up without the love of a father. This left me with many insecurities, lack of real joy, did not know my purpose in life and struggled to love and relate to people.

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Our family is restored and our ministry has grown

When I was 7 years old, I discovered my father laying in a pool of blood, the gun he used to shoot himself laying beside him. The day of my dad’s funeral my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and soon left the family to go to New York for treatment. I began to think maybe it was my fault that all those bad things had happened.

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More love to offer my family and congregation

I had the incredible privilege of attending the “Imparting the Father’s Heart School” hosted by Shiloh Place Ministries this past February. I thought I was attending a school to learn better counseling skills but actually I was encountering a timely message for my own life.

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It took a supernatural encounter with God’s love to transform my relationships

I entered into the Agape Reformation because after a few years in ministry I was struggling with self condemnation and anger and was well on my way to destroying those around me, as well as myself.

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A revelation of God’s love healed my pain

I was getting a revelation of the Father’s love and He was healing much of the inner pain… 

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He will find you

My father’s death on April 6th, 2009, somehow caused me to see my behavior for the last 55 years and how I interacted with myself, and others.

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The Father’s Embrace in Russia

At a church in a northern suburb of Moscow, a man approached me reminding me that several years ago I had prayed with him but also left him a copy of ‘Experiencing the Father’s Embrace’ which had changed his life.

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A Changed Church

We came back with softened and repentant hearts. Apologizing to our children and members was easy and liberating. Now we must stand against all factors that would cause us to retreat. Our future ministry of outreach must flow with Daddy’s love.

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Grow. Please.

My dad had told me that If he’d have known what I was gonna be like when I was born, he’d have flushed me down the toilet. He humiliated me and shamed me for years on end. I felt zero value or worth. I was stunned that you would be concerned about offending me.

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Father at work in SPM schools

Trisha said something along the lines of “we believe more in the message a hurt person gave us more than we do in the truth” and it was like God asked me if I would exchange those hurtful words from my mom for the truth that He loves me, that I am loved, and lovable.

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Bakersfield California Testimony

God did a work and freed me from some things that I had no idea were holding me captive.

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