4 thoughts on “Teaching Handouts

  1. Bob Mulrooney says:

    Was really blessed by Jacks ministry years ago and Father finally broke through in a powerful way two years ago . My life is totally wrecked and I will never be the same. Jacks ministry was part of my coming home to Papa. blessings on you. I’m here getting a handout for our small group as my wife and I share Fathers love to our group tonight.

  2. sugiwoogie says:

    Will use Orphan or Son Handout on my teaching Father Heart of God on a Discipleship Training School in Indonesia. Need to translate it first to Bahasa Indonesia so the students could understand. Thank you for giving this for free. God bless you and your ministry!

  3. Desiree Boshoff says:

    I am finally free!!! Knew there was a problem but never interested to study the Orphan Spirit. Jack thank you! Thank You! Thank You!!! I can’t wait for my new Journey in Abba Father – my Daddy!

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