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Bearing Fruit – Testimonies of Our Father

Here are a few testimonies from people that have been at our recent school and events.

God has addressed areas where I had a cap on letting His love in. Trisha speaks on how love is large and large has no limits, constraints or barriers. I used to believe that when I received love, I owed loyalty, money, or a commitment to the person who gave it. I realize now that God want me to understand the fullness of His love and receive all that He has for me without limits or contingencies, caps or ceilings! – Chelsey – FL

God healed and continued healing of a wound in my heart that led me to believe I wasn’t important enough to “take God’s time.” I wasn’t measuring up to the high standard. 

But hearing Father God call me by name brought such healing on the very first morning.

The rest of the week was just layer upon layer of affirmation, which I had not received much of growing up. – K.W.

I received prayer from Mike, Trisha and Sarah for healing from PTSD. I have been able to sleep all night which hasn’t happened in at least 5 years! – Susan – NC

When Trisha had the word for me that I had never felt I had fit in and had adjusted to every situation in order to fit in, she couldn’t have been more right. Also, she said I could just be myself. It really spoke volumes to my heart. Several weeks before this, God had revealed to me that I wasn’t wanted, and that was the cause of much of the inner turmoil in my life. She confirmed that I had heard from God when she spoke that same word to me. But she said I was wanted, so I am asking God to make that truth real in my life. I know she spoke truth. As she was speaking to me, I felt a weight lifted from me. It was like a light came on. Camille – Texas

These are just the testimonies we have been able to get in writing.

We also have stories of people we have encountered.

Several weeks ago, Trisha had a word for a guy that brought him to tears in a Friday night service. Phyllis, one of our team members, also had a word for him. A couple that knew them were blown away at how directly it addressed the situation he and his wife were in. The following day Phyllis and I had the opportunity to pray for them for PTSD as they were both veterans. The following morning at church they both seemed to glow. They came to us and thanked us saying that they had hope for the first time in a very long time.

Phyllis is actually fruit. Phyllis is multiplication. Phyllis is becoming equipped (you can see Phyllis and Robin’s testimony of PTSD healing on our youtube channel). She was prayed for by Mike Hutchings and sent out feeling totally unqualified, but she obeyed and is seeing the fruit of it now. Phyllis is just the latest in a line of team members to be kicked out of their comfort zone and into their calling.

These testimonies you read aren’t just because of Trisha they are because of a team of people that are faithful to pay forward the healing they have received by ministering to others.

We have had many ask about learning how to do what our team does and that is why we are having the upcoming Ministering Father’s Love School. By coming, you aren’t committing to become a Shiloh Place team member. You are committing to give away what you have received. Although, we reserve the right to attempt to recruit you! 🙂

Robert and Cyndi Hartzell used to travel ahead of Jack to churches to train the prayer team to minister when Jack went into ministry time. They probably know better than anyone how to do it. They have been putting on a version of this school recently while in the Philippines and have had great success.

We are looking forward to what God will do through all of you! If you have wondered what your next step is after coming and receiving from God and our team at a school, then this is it!

The Ministering Father’s Love School will teach you:

– how to minister to in an altar setting

– how to minister to a friend in a casual setting

– how to quickly get to the root of an issue

– how to share your testimony concisely to bring others into a ministry moment.

Go to and click on the banner to learn more about how you can bear more fruit and bring glory to God through sharing His healing love!

For those of you, that partner with us financially, we are thankful for how He has used your giving to allow us to touch these lives. And for those of you who are wanting to join us in our ministry, we invite you to join our Support Family by giving a monthly gift. There are also needs and opportunities for one time giving as well as designated giving such as scholarships for future schools. Just visit and click on Donate at the top and it will take you to our secure giving form where you can choose the recurring or one time option for your gift. You can also contact us at 855-744-5641 or at [email protected] with any questions.

Blessings to all of you!  – Doug

BTW – We have $1950.00 to go to meet our $2500/month goal we set in the fall. Getting closer! Thank you!

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