Father Shows Up in Jacksonville

As exhilarating as our Midwest tour was, it was also very draining for me physically. I came home needing some time to rest but was immediately off to Jacksonville, Florida to be a part of a two day encounter with a wonderful fellowship of believers going through a huge transition. Their pastor resigned two weeks before our arrival and was not due to leave the church until two weeks after our departure.

I really felt too tired to be there and wondered what on earth our team would possibly offer this body of believers. I was reminded of who the message is about not who the deliverer was that when I think I have nothing to give the giver comes in and brings revelation that changes lives.

My favorite part of those meetings was watching the 18-25 year olds come every night and staying till almost midnight for prayer for life changing encounters of knowing who Father is not just about him.

I watched as families were restored, crisis needs met, abuse stopped, and sons/daughters being restored into right relationship with their earthly dads and moms. It showed me that there is always hope no matter how fragmented your life situation is, as long as you are willing to view the Father for who He really is. These were really Glory Meetings……as His manifested presence brought healing and change to these families in crisis.

So even though my summer has been challenging and I have come home extremely tired it has also been one of the most fruitful summers of my life, filled with divine assignments. I am reminded of the word that my friend Marc Dupont spoke over me personally and the ministry of Shiloh Place, that God is putting the adventure back in the venture.

In Matt 25, in the story about the talents being handed out, the master was so upset with the one who buried his talent in the ground and told him it is “criminal to live cautiously.”

So even though I have come home tired, I refuse to live my life without the adventure, and taking the risk to achieve the results of Sons/Daughters realize who Father God really is…..Love…

I can’t wait for the next assignment. I am assigned to spend a few days resting in His Glory…..before we are off again to Clayton, NC and the 2010 GUD GOD conference…. Hope to see you there.



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