Doug Crew, Shiloh Place, speaker

Doug Crew – Executive Director / Speaker

Doug and Sarah came on staff in December 2009 as the new Executive Directors of Shiloh Place Ministries.  It was Sarah that first introduced the message of Father’s Love and healing to Doug through sharing her father’s testimony tape and the Breaking Free series with him.  Doug realized immediately why he was so frustrated in his relationship with God and church.   This started his journey of healing and reignited a passion for God in him.  Doug and Sarah both worked in the area of resources and production for Shiloh Place early in their marriage.  Eventually they moved to Redding, CA where they spent 3 years working for Bethel Church in the video/design department.  The time in Redding was a bittersweet experience for them both.  They walked through Sarah’s season of grieving the death of Jack,  while simultaneously making lifetime friendships and having both of their beautiful daughters.  In 2014 they had their son Jack Douglass to complete their family.
Today they speak in Shiloh Place schools and on the road as well as leading the schools and team.