Robin and Phyllis Primrose have been associated with Shiloh Place for over 20 years- they moved from Texas to South Carolina in 1998. Robin worked for 5 years with Jack and Trisha in the Resource Department of the Ministry. They moved back to Texas in 2008 to help with family illness. In 2015, God called them back to the Carolinas. Since that time, they have been helping however they could with Shiloh Place and the ministry schools. Robin is a Military Veteran who suffered from PTSD for over 20 years before God performed a miracle in him. In December of 2015, while traveling with Trisha in PA, Phyllis met Dr. Michael Hutchings from Global Awakening School of Ministry. Dr. Hutchings has a ministry to PTSD victims and prayed with Phyllis then sent her home to pray over Robin. Robin had suffered from horrible night sweats for several years, but when they prayed, he was instantly healed from the night sweats. God had begun healing Robin of PTSD. Since that time, he and Phyllis have been helping other victims receive healing from this horrible disorder. In 2017, Robin came back to work in the Shiloh Place office as Office Administrator. Phyllis helps Doug with the ministry schools in an Administrative capacity, while Robin operates the sound for the schools, and together they share their testimony of healing and praying with others for healing from PTSD.  God has brought healing to many.  Robin and Phyllis have co-founded Crossing the Bar Ministries and travel wherever they are asked to share their story. They have 3 grown children and one grandson. According to Phyllis, “We and our children are who we are in this world as a direct result of the ministry of the Frost family and Shiloh Place Ministries.