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Sun, Sun, Sun, Here it Comes

Well, 2018 is turning out to be a doozy. To borrow from the Beatles, Here Comes the Sun “it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter,” or at least it has felt that way. As many of you know we got off to a rough start with the unexpected passing of my father on January 5th.  Within in a couple of weeks, Sarah was in the hospital for seven days with a pancreatitis attack. If you are unfamiliar with pancreatitis, it is painful. It was no joke! We are thanking God she is now eating semi-normally and is getting energy back after nearly a month. We heard from the doctor this morning and her latest lipase numbers show she is getting better. We are celebrating! 

To borrow from the Beatles, “it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.”

On another note, Trisha, who was supposed to be on a travel sabbatical, started off the year traveling to Florida with us when my father died. Then, drove to Columbia, SC to be with a lifelong friend as her mother passed. She returned to teach in the Unbound school and then went right in helping with grandkids while Sarah was in the hospital!

But God, Suddenly!

“But God,” (those famous words from the bible) has been at work in other ways. In a sudden turn of events, Trisha sold her house without ever putting it on the market! She loves the house that she and Jack built together, but the size and location on the waterway with a boat dock etc, does not meet her needs or wants right now. 

She had gone to see a house in a neighborhood she had been looking in for a while. She didn’t like it, but she decided to drive over and take a look in a neighborhood she had never heard of and fell in love with a type of house she had never even considered before!  The only problem is that she would need to sell her house first.  Then, in a conversation with an agent who was selling a lot that Trisha was looking at, the agent asked about Trisha’s house. When Trisha told her about it, the agent said that she knew someone looking for just that house. They came two days later, saw it, fell in love and the house was sold a day later! (“But God” moment right there. Maybe even a “Suddenly.”)

If Trisha had not been on a travel sabbatical, coordinating this move would have been extremely difficult and exhausting. The move is pushing her out of the comfort zone but it’s also propelling her forward. Trisha needs to be at rest when she isn’t on the road. Everyone that walks through the doors of her present home talks about how restful it is. But, if it doesn’t feel like where Trisha is supposed to be, she won’t be at rest!

I hear the words ”Here comes the sun, dah da, dah da. He says it’s alright.” And somehow it is.

As for us, God didn’t orchestrate a pancreatitis attack, but He is working things for good. It forced me to go out on the road to speak without Sarah. Sarah and I almost always do Shiloh Place speaking together. Sharing in a tag team fashion became my comfort zone. He kicked me out of the comfort zone! Sarah has been able to re-examine the things important to her. She realized that she loves health coaching but she doesn’t want it to overtake being an at home mom. She has decided to limit her clients even though we have depended on those finances. It’s a faith step. Also, not in our comfort zone. But here we are. Spring is nearly upon us here in North Myrtle Beach, SC and it feels good, if not a little uncomfortable.

Here It Comes

I hear the words ”Here comes the sun, dah da, dah da. He says it’s alright.” And somehow it is, even though Sarah is still only about 80%. Our finances took a serious hit.  Not only that, but I lost the time I had to set aside to focus on increasing Shiloh’s funding partnerships and creating a couple of new resources, which must happen for us to move forward into where Father is calling Shiloh Place.  Trisha’s house isn’t a done deal and moving is a daunting task. It will likely be an emotional one as she’s leaving the house that she built with Jack.   But, we see the light of the sun and feel its warmth.  He is melting the ice and He keeps singing “it’s alright”.

here comes the sun jumpHas it been a long, cold lonely winter for you? Can you see the sun? Or does it feel like years since it’s been here?   I have learned that it begins with looking for Him.  Ask Him where He is working.  Ask others where they see Him working.

In the midst of everything that has happened, we held our Unbound School in January with students from 8 different states as well as one from eastern Europe.  Many of these students experienced an emergence from their winter. Here is what one student said:

“I was set free from a lifelong feeling of being a disappointment. I saw the Father loving me and in the process was released from anger and fear of new situations. I already encountered two situations that would have normally caused me anxiety and I was no longer afraid.”

How about you?  Are you longing to feel the warmth of His presence?  Are you looking for a spring? Are you wanting to relax, to rest, to feel the presence of God and to know that “it’s alright”.  We would love to help you and there are several ways we can walk with you in your process. You can:

*register for one of our upcoming schools

*sign up for a free 20 minute coaching assessment with Trisha..

*sign up for prayer ministry if you think some targeted one on one time is what you need.

*join us for other upcoming Shiloh Place Events on our website.

Let’s leave our winters behind. There is life and growth in the sun.

– Doug

2 thoughts on “Sun, Sun, Sun, Here it Comes

  1. Kathy Salter says:

    Doug, What a great newsletter! Thanks for the updates on your lives. We are praying for continued healing for Sarah. We are excited about all God is doing in and through SPM. Yes, Brother, “Here comes The Sun!” He has great things planned. There are many more “suddenlies” that lie ahead. Our love, respect, admiration and prayers remain…..

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