Hey Y’all, Its Celebration Time!


To what? Well, I am glad you asked!

To change, well that is not exactly what I am inviting you to but the invitation to change is always present is it not?

But it’s sooo haarrd! Change is difficult. It’s more difficult for some than others but if even you ask those who have thrown their selves into the process willingly, they will tell you it wasn’t easy. Just between you and me, if they tell you it was easy they are either liars or masochists.

Here is some reprieve for you though. There are a couple of different ways to approach change. Willingly or unwillingly.  You thought I was giving you a way out didn’t you? We can submit ourselves to change and lean on the arms of our Father or we can resist and when things fall down around us we can go in kicking and screaming. Many times it can be a little bit of both. Let me just say though that having someone walking with you on the journey can make it better for sure. That’s just a word of advice from someone who has been there and done that.


I have done it both ways, well, sort of a combination. Almost 10 years ago I was forced into change when Jack, my husband and co-founder of Shiloh Place, died of cancer.  That was the moment of truth. Had all of the tears, prayer, learning, teaching, and changing we had already been through really taken root? Jack used to always say you can tell what you are full of when you are squeezed. Well, I felt like I had been squashed! But guess what, when the initial pain and disappointment began to subside our life’s message began to work in me and I was able to navigate change with the help and love of God and friends.

But years before this, Jack and I went through a season of change. This change was catalyzed by our experience at the Toronto Blessing Revival. This is where Jack had his first healing experience with the Father. We were looking for change but were not expecting what was about to happen.

You could say this started it all even though Shiloh Place had been ministering healing to people for several years at this point. It is here that we met John and Carol Arnott and Eddie and Janet Piorek, who became our friends and mentors. We ministered alongside of them in conferences and received from them as well. We embraced change and were catapulted to the international stage because we submitted ourselves to the change Father was bringing us through. And because of people like the Arnotts and the Pioreks.

These folks are powerhouses in the spirit. You may have experienced change and healing through us here at Shiloh Place. You may have encountered Father’s Love, identified your orphan issues, and broken free from strongholds and ungodly beliefs through listening to our materials or being with us in person at a school or weekend encounter. Now I want to invite you to drink from 2 of the cisterns that gave us life in the beginning.

This is the invitation I was speaking about! This is an invitation to be challenged to change and experience Father! But also an invitation to celebrate God! And when I say celebrate I mean party! You know this if you have seen me in person. We are going to Let It Echo for sure! I love to have a good time and that is what we plan to do when we get together with John and Carol Arnott and Eddie and Janet Piorek to blow it out for our 25th!

It is free but we do need you to register so that we can get a count.

To register visit our Let It Echo 25th Anniversary Event Page – shilohplace.org/ supportfamily25/

We will receive offerings at the event.

Be blessed and encouraged!

With Love,

Trisha, Doug and Sarah

P.S.  – Speaking of Change!

We continue to change here at Shiloh Place. We change as God leads us personally and as a ministry. Even now Sarah is becoming a Health coach and has been a part of 10 or so people finding hope and change in their lives. We aren’t just talking losing weight here. We are talking people finding foods that react in their bodies and cause them to be physically and even emotionally unhealthy.

I have moved into coaching as well. I have for some time now ministered to people over the phone who were friends or friends of friends in crisis. As I write this we are establishing a system for almost anyone to access me in a way that allows me to help them on an individual basis.

Even these changes haven’t been very comfortable but I have learned to lean into the change and lean into the arms of my Father as He leads me through.

This is also why we have title the 25th Celebration Let It Echo. Father continues to guide us in new ways to minister love and healing to His people. We are also handing the message over and empower the next generation in the process. And not just to my kids. There are other young people beginning to gather that hunger for this message and desire to see more young people get it early in life so that they will live confident in who’s they are and in His character.


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