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It Came To Pass

The season is changing in more ways than one. I know; you hear this every change of season, some prophetic sign of a season of transition or a season of breakthrough in the body of Christ.

I personally believe that these types of seasons cover periods of years and decades rather than months. Certainly there are the “suddenlies” of God, and those are awesome, but the “and it came to passes” are far more numerous if you look in the Bible. It’s something like eleven times as many if I am not mistaken. What happens most often is that we feel it. We sense the transition or change for a long time and then it finally locks into place. It’s on par with the “overnight” success story. People slogged along for years and then “suddenly,” “overnight,” they achieved success!
Many times we are simply thinking, “this has to change. Life can’t continue to go on like this. I can’t take it anymore.” Then, things eventually begin to change. Often we search for the moment at which things changed. I am convinced that often, it’s a moment when things changed. It’s first a moment when we change.

The last few months have been a whirlwind. If you follow us at all, you know this. We have been on a long and trying journey since October 2018. It has involved mold, sickness, relocation, tears, diagnoses, surgery, doctor visits, demolition, cleaning, painting, more cleaning and flooring, lots of flooring. We are a long way from completion still. There are many jobs left to do before we can say we are done (including more flooring.) There is at least one more doctor visit before we can know what exactly is going on with our daughter. We have ruled out really bad things at least.

“I am convinced that often, it’s a moment when things changed. It’s first a moment when we change.”

But, at some point, IT GOT BETTER. We found some hope. It just so happens that hope came when things were getting really difficult. That hope came in the form of moving back in. We moved back into an incomplete house. That in itself was arduous and took its toll. Sarah worked her fingers to the bone to make it happen while I was traveling for Shiloh Place. It was hard on her in particular, but in the end that work produced hope. And that hope is the tipping point, when it suddenly got better.

Hope, the Tipping Point

I thought of Nehemiah as I was contemplating this. All Nehemiah did was bring some hope and direction. The people had all they needed to rebuild Jerusalem. There is a whole chapter that talks about all of the people of influence who put their people to work. Nehemiah just provided the tipping point. He helped his people see what is possible. Actually, he just helped them assess the situation. And then, suddenly, in just 52 days, Jerusalem was rebuilt.

We did some assessing ourselves when getting back into the house. We didn’t have the money in hand to purchase the flooring for the whole house. We planned to just do the upstairs, move in and save up a few months for the downstairs flooring. But then, we thought about our children and what it would be like for them living on a concrete floor. It wouldn’t be the end of the world of course, but it would be constantly dusty and they would have moved from a very comfortable environment into an uncomfortable one on top of the stress of being out of their home for five months. So, we did something we don’t like to do. We weighed it and decided to buy all of the flooring putting some on a credit card.

But, guess what? That was the catalyst for Sarah to push and get us in the house. It was the tipping point of the tipping point. Well, me laying the flooring, with the amazing help of David Conley, was the catalyst but you get what I mean.

So when you look at your journey, at your season, what will be the catalyst for your tipping point. What will be the tipping point for your next tipping point. What will be your “and it came to pass”?… Suddenly, overnight moment. We were “suddenly” back in our house after five months of work.

Rebuilding Real Lives

As I have been out ministering for most of the past five weeks, I have seen many enter their next season. I have seen tipping points and suddenlies. One thing I realize is that there was a desire for change that led to a decision to come, that led to a sacrifice of time and finances, that led to making the trip, that led to becoming vulnerable and then suddenly, overnight their lives changed! Now that they have hope, Now that someone has helped them assess their situation and given them tools, they can continue the work of rebuilding and strengthening their lives with God leading them.

I have also seen people light up. I have seen them come alive at the thought of helping others in the way they have been helped. As a matter of fact, there are four people on the team right now who are doing just that in a way that they would not have thought possible just a few short years ago. There are more of you out there. It is possible. Keeping responding to your tipping points and it shall come to pass.


10 thoughts on “It Came To Pass

    • Doug Crew says:

      I pray that you will be able to identify it from afar. That you will be able to aim toward it like the citizens of Jerusalem did the wall. Rebuilding the wall did completely deliver them, but it was a step toward becoming a nation once more. I pray for you to have eyes to assess the situation and give you focus in Jesus name.

      Blessings on you and yours! Doug

  1. DeeDee Stewart says:

    While I’ve only been “seeing” & “watching” from afar on social media, reading this brings so many tears of joys!!! Sarah has displayed a beautiful vulnerability through this process! Thank you so so much for sharing all that the Lord is doing… hope… the tipping point… what a glorious picture!

  2. Kathy Salter says:

    Great article, Doug. Thanks for the encouragement and exhortation. We love and pray for you all!
    BTW, Are you guys doing the meeting in Birmingham? I have told my Bham family about it and have been hopeful they will attend.

    • Doug Crew says:

      Thank you Kathy. We are not going to Birmingham. The people that were hosting the event ended up having an extremely busy winter and said they hadn’t properly prepared for it. It actually worked for us as well because it would have been really busy for us as well.
      They would like to reschedule for next year though.

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