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Navigate Life – Let’s Do It Together!

Going into the next year with the goal of success is everybody’s desire.  Have you ever met anyone who seriously believed that they would start a whole new year as a failure, unable to navigate life?

Well now you have. It was me. I did it! I didn’t realize it, but that is exactly what I was doing!

I spent a lifetime asking myself the question, “What is wrong with me?”  Every year I would begin setting goals to make a better me. When I look back on that time in my life, I don’t recollect a year that I felt like a success.

The truth is that when I put pencil to the paper I could list my accomplishments.

• My husband and I (with God’s help) walked our family through restoration

• Co-Led an international ministry

• I have a healthy lifestyle

• I identified who I am and what purpose I live for

• I help others discover their purposes in life

• I co-authored three books and many magazine articles

• Raised 3 children, four dogs, and three cats

• Had a successful 30-year marriage

• Was a caregiver for a cancer patient

Not a bad list. Why didn’t I feel accomplished?

Find out what’s right with you!

Being the super spiritual Father’s Love minister I am, it hit me one day that maybe I should ask Father God what He thought. I asked the Father to show me His plan and purpose for my life, and in that, show me how He felt about me and my failures or successes.

When I focus on my concept of me I normally am not impressed with what I see.

But… When I asked the Father to show me what He saw, suddenly I could see Him at work in my life walking me into successes.  I could see what’s right with me! Things that I didn’t think were successes were! Not only that but those things were leading me to greater successes. Father was shaping me. He was actually shaping me to help other people to be successful.

Living the Dream

I was at a meeting once and a woman walked up to me and said that she had a dream about me. She said that in the dream, two security guards escorted me into a conference room. I was dressed in a business suit. I started to walk to the front of the room, as I did the picture zoomed into a pin I was wearing. On the pin was the phrase Identity Crisis Prevention Manager.

At the time, I was still very much in process myself but that dream is one of the things I have held on to when the going got tough.

Let’s Navigate Life

I have seen the evidence of the accuracy of this dream in my travels and other people have confirmed it. On the road and in our schools, I have been helping people recover from and prevent identity crisis for years.

Now, I believe that it is now coming to greater fruition.

If you are feeling like a failure, trying to navigate life transition, or reignite your vision or dreams you are not alone! There are so many people in this place. I talk to folks all the time that are facing struggles of major changes and loss of dreams or loved ones. Even leaders that you might not expect.

Young or old, I would encourage you to find out why you are here and what hinders you from healthy relationships or achieving goals.

If you are trying to gain focus on the coming year or decade…

This is my next step. To help you thrive. To help you succeed. To help you navigate life.

This is how all the parts of my life have come together. This is how God is using all my mistakes, pain or loss and struggles to find myself out from the shadow of Jack.

That is why I am going to begin to open up my schedule so people can gain one on one access to me. I have tried to somewhat protect my time at home to take care of office needs and be with my kids and grandkids but God is calling me to carve out time to be available to give what I have received.

Life is always a process. It is important that we walk through our process with a foundational belief that you belong, and are loved and valued by our Creator.

This is the foundation we will work from when you work with me. We will work with Holy Spirit to help you walk through issues you are facing, including:

– Relationship difficulties

– Identifying your orphan mindsets

– Breaking through mother and father issues

– Navigating transitional seasons and other areas.

You will now be able to do that through the website. You will schedule an initial free 20-minute assessment. From there we will decide on the next course of direction. This may involve a one-time scheduled session with me or a package of 3-5 sessions or other options.

Visit – to book your free 20-minute assessment.

I am excited to enter this new purpose that God has for me and I pray that it will be a blessing to all of you!

Much love for the new year,


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