Trisha Frost Helps Leaders Navigate Life and Ministry

For years Trisha Frost has met and counseled with leaders who either got connected to Trisha through a mutual friend or already knew her personally. Trisha partners with Father to bring hope by helping them navigate life in their inlet of transition. Their inlet might be transitioning into a foundation of father’s love, change of life or even crisis. The problem is that not everyone knows someone.

Now Trisha Helps You Navigate Life

This is the new change. We are opening the door for anyone to gain access to Trisha for counsel, coaching and ministry to navigate life and crisis.

Trisha helps leaders in many areas. Many look for marriage help or their own struggles with Father’s Love and Sonship. They even ask how to build their church on a foundation of father’s love.

Now, you can do the same, whether you are a ministry leader, business
leader or home leader. Whether you are looking to improve your team relationships, correct self image problems or love your spouse and kids better, this opportunity is for you.

Maybe you are navigating a hard places in life involving the loss of a spouse or loved one. You could be trying to figure out your next stage of life. This could be after handing off your ministry or business. It could be after a crisis time involving your ministry or business. She has experience to help you navigate life by processing disappointment and loss to find hope on the other side.

This will also be available for our friends outside of the US!

Your sessions with Trisha will be via Skype so the one technical requirement you will need to meet.

You will begin by booking a free 20 minute assessment time with Trisha. This session will help determine if focused sessions with Trisha is most helpful for you or if prayer ministry with our ministers or even attending one of our schools might be a better starting place. Trisha’s focus is helping you the best way possible. If she suggests prayer ministry with our team its because she truly believes that is the best starting point for you. The last thing she wants is for you to end up frustrated and stuck. She desires hope and prosperity for you in your life and relationships!

The good news is that it only costs you 20 minutes of your time to find out the best course of action to get you unstuck and moving forward. Click below to book your session.

Thank you guys again for making the Skype appointments available with Trisha.

“I was greatly encouraged to be able to ask about the Father’s Heart for myself and the church congregation. Trisha gave me confirmation as to what the Lord has been leading me to do, which is mentor the men of our congregation in Father’s Love. I needed to hear the Lord confirm it from an outside source and that’s what happened. I really needed the encouragement. Again, thanks for making this contact available to pastors.”   – Pastor Russell

To Book Your Free 20 Minute Session with Trisha — Click Here!

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