“Since coming for prayer ministry I am experiencing freedom like never before. I finally feel like I have hope and a future”. (Julie)

What is Prayer Ministry?

Shiloh Place prayer ministry is a pastoral type ministry that is based on Biblical principles. It is an intimate time of ministry, designed to focus healing on issues of the heart of the recipient, and trace current problems back to root causes. We have several prayer ministers that have been trained in ministry, and are called to represent the Fathers love to wounded people, with respect, confidentiality, kindness, and always a loving safe atmosphere. We are not a crisis center, and are not equipped to house people overnight. We do not provide care for mental illness, substance addictions, suicide, or other immediate crisis situations.

Why get Prayer Ministry?

Getting real with God is vital for anyone, and essential for leaders. A supportive local church will love you as you are, yet challenge your areas of weakness or need. We also recommend you seek prayer ministry regularly, in discussion with your pastor.

How do I get started?

Simply complete a Ministry Request Form and send it (mail or email) to Shiloh Place. You can also pay over the phone with a credit card. Our prayer ministry coordinator, will refer you to a ministry team who will contact you to arrange the your ministry sessions. Many sessions take place at Shiloh Place, but other teams minister from home, or their home church. We even have teams who are willing to travel to churches to minister to the leaders there.

How long is ministry time?

When we refer you to a ministry team, you should expect to take one to two days for your ministry sessions, with each day typically having four to five 50 minute sessions.

What are my obligations?

The suggested donation amount for ministry is $40 per 50 minute session. Please make a donation to your ministers for each 50 minute session.

Personal Preparation
We require you to read Jack Frost’s book Experiencing Father’s Embrace and listen to the teaching series Breaking Free in preparation for your ministry sessions.

I came to Shiloh with several heavy burdens in my life and on my heart. The ministers tenderly took me back through my past, helping me to see the details of what I was responsible for, and what I was not. They gave me a vision for pursuing my own healing and restoration of spiritual health. The prayers at the end of our sessions have spiritually energized me to pursue and declare the Lord’s restorative power in my family”. (Connie).

For more information call (855)744-5641, or email: [email protected]


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