Breaking Free – Uprooting Destructive Habits and Thought Patterns : DVD Set


*note – this is the same subject as the Breaking Free audio series but it was recorded at a different time so there are some differences.

This series deals with fleshly strongholds or “root issues”. These strongholds are destructive habit structures of thinking. They produce anger, lust, poverty, sickness, manipulation, insecurity, and emotional pain These resulting behaviors can all be exposed at their root source and cut off. A missionary’s wife reported, “This series has transformed my husband and home more than any other single event since his salvation.”

This 10 DVD set includes:
1. Sea Of Fear: Freedom from Entanglements
2. Characteristics of Strongholds
3. House of Pain: Foudnations of How a Stronghold is Built pt. 1
4. Foundations of How a Stronghold is Built pt. 2
5. Principles of Laws of Relationship pt. 1
6. Principles of Laws of Relationship pt. 2
7. Breaking Free of Bitter Root Expectancies
8. Renewing the Mind for Supernatural Breakthroughs
9. Principles of Freedom
10. Principles of Freedom: Dying to the Process

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