Experiencing Father’s Embrace Participant’s Guide


The Experiencing Father’s Embrace Participant’s Guide is the companion guide to our Experiencing Father’s Embrace DVD set.
If you are viewing this DVD set with a church or small group this guide will help to guide you in your journey to know the love of the Father and give it away to the next person you meet.
The accompanying DVD SET contains all nine teaching DVDs from the Experiencing Father’s Embrace DVD series. You can use them for personal use, with your family, video schools, home and cell groups, prison and other ministries. They can also be used for mid-week church services for adults or youth. Parents can use them to minister to their families. These DVDs are great tools to bring the love of the father to yourself, to your family, and to your local community.

DVD Titles
  1. A Revelation of Father’s Love
  2. You Are Father’s Happy Thought
  3. The Prodigal Father
  4. The Older Brother Syndrome
  5. Dealing with Father Issues
  6. Dealing with Mother Issues
  7. Walking In The Light
  8. Abiding In Love
  9. Healing the Hearts of the Children

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