Sons of God’s Generals


Go behind closed doors with the sons and daughters of modern world changers, as the next generation shares personal stories of what it was like growing up as the children of God’s Generals.
Even though we are here for only a moment, our legacies carry on through the ages. Sons of God’s Generals unravels the secrets to building your spiritual legacy that will powerfully impact generations to come!

“Much wisdom is to be gained from the Sons of God’s Generals for anyone wanting to truly leave a legacy to the generations.” – Bill Johnson

“Embrace the courage that this book offers to help you live and become a legend in your own right.” Trisha Frost

“We pray, as you read this book, that God will cause you to reach out more and more to the ones closest to you, and to the nearest desire of His heart: Family.” Rolland and Heidi Baker

Joshua Frost is the youngest of three siblings born to Jack and Trisha Frost. Born in 1986 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Joshua moved to Redding, California to become part of Bill and Beni Johnson’s Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. While attending school in Redding, he met and married his wife, Holly Nicole Mack Frost. They presently reside in Redding with their two children. Joshua and Holly’s life ministry at present is to continue to be mentored by Generals, those who demonstrate the Love of Father God through the integrity of their own personal lives. Eventually they intend to pursue full time ministry however the Father leads them. They both serve on staff at Bethel Church, Redding, California.

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