Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship DVD Set


As the young, hard-nosed, newly appointed captain of a commercial fishing boat, Jack Frost returned after the first week as “Top Hook” – he had out-fished all the others. But he also harpooned his mentor’s heart on the way to the top.

Learn how to throw your ”orphan” attitude overboard and anchor your heart in God’s inheritance of blessings and prosperity. Identify the counterfeit sources of comfort and affection in your life. Christen and launch your life’s ship alongside the One who can calm every storm, every time.

The set includes 8 sessions on 4 DVDs. Each session runs between 30-35 minutes.

Sessions Include:

  1. The Father’s Mission
  2. The Orphan Heart
  3. Strongholds of Orphan Thinking
  4. The Mature Heart of Sons and Daughters
  5. Focusing on a Life of Sonship
  6. Your Family of Origin – The Real Root Issues
  7. The Orphan Heart and Authority
  8. Love of Law vs. Law of Love
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