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Survey Results Are In


I want to thank all who responded to our survey and share some results with you. It will remain up for a few more days but here’s what we heard so far as well as some of my responses to requests in the comment sections:

83 respondents (actually pretty good survey results for the amount of people who saw it)

Responses came from 31 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.  (I’m in for a Hawaii Encounter!)

States with the most responses:

PA- 10

SC (our state) – 8

VA – 7

MN, TX – 5

FL, NC – 4

OH – 3

Everywhere else was 2 or less.

57% responded “somewhat or extremely interested” in an event in Panama City Beach, FL: 45% were not.  I suspect the responses would have been higher if we had surveyed during winter and included a picture of the retreat property. We visited for a few days in April after Sarah recovered and loved it.  For now, there’s a strong possibility we will have an event there in February but not an advanced school at this time.  We will hold an Advanced School in November in the Myrtle Beach area.

Regarding Overseas Invitations:  In recent years, our team hasn’t been able to respond to such, though we have sent Robert and Cyndi Hartzell when possible.  However, it is becoming more possible for Sarah and me to imagine being able accept invitations outside of the US.  If you are interested in exploring that option, email me directly to set up a phone call.

Several comments revealed requests for weekend as opposed to weekday events. We typically do weekend events when invited into churches as that seems to work best for them. Encounters are a bit different. Part of the effectiveness of an Encounter/School is the extra time. The combination of fewer attendees, worship, teaching, corporate ministry, and small groups over 3.5 days provides for a more immersive experience. That being said, we are always willing to adapt our format to fit the need. 

Several people wrote regarding location and asking for Shiloh to consider bringing something to their area.  In the past such hasn’t happened due to the cost and time it would take for a small church to host. But, as we venture into alternative approaches to Encounter/Schools, it may be more viable for our team to travel.  For example, we are open to scheduling other House Retreats like in Tennessee and are open to ministering in a church on Sunday if such would help offset costs. 

Midwest: We have reached out to people in the Kansas City area to help us identify a central Midwest location.

Upper Midwest: Our good friends Dave and Kris Toyne in Clear Lake, IA hold an Encounter/School most every year. This year, due to some scheduling, they limited it to a weekend event. We will not be there but they are amazing teachers and often teach in our schools. You can find out information at agapepage.com.

Wisconsin: We have recently met a few folks in Milwaukee and it looks like we might be working on doing a couple of different events in the area in the future, maybe even the near future.

We have been dreaming and praying for several years now about ways we can bring the message of Father’s Love and Sonship to the people that are asking. We are also looking for ways to make training available for those who want to effectively share with others what they have received. That is what this has been all about. God called Shiloh Place Ministries 26 years ago to minister to the hearts of leaders. That’s you. No matter your title, your job, your area of responsibility, you have a sphere of influence. You are leading somebody, starting with yourself. If you read this and are wondering how you can bring Shiloh Place to your area, email me at [email protected] and we can talk about possibilities. You can also start by loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself.

*If you haven’t had the chance to fill out the survey and would like to visit: shilohplace.org/encounter-survey/ to make your voice heard!

Blessings to you all,


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