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The Aftermath

The last month has been devastating for the community surrounding Shiloh Place’s home base.  In 2015, South Carolina experienced unprecedented flooding breaking written records. We were told the flooding from Florence would only rise a little above the 2015 flood mark which we all knew very well!  Homes and areas who had flooded previously were well prepared.  It was only about 12 hours before it came that the scope of the flooding was realized. National Guard and EMS rushed to those neighborhoods trying to evacuate people whose homes did not flood in 2015. Neighborhoods not in flood zones were suddenly at risk to flood.

Doug and I did not have flooding in our neighborhood but the two and a half days without power during the hurricane revealed a leak in the AC drain pipe.  We lost half of our kitchen to water and mold damage and the flooring in the upstairs bedroom. 

But our office and some of our team did have major flooding. You might remember that we had just moved our office in July into Katie and Chip’s home.  We were all caught off guard as it wasn’t in a floodplain when we suddenly realized the threat.  We were able to get out computers, CD/ DVD burners, the CD printer, and some product while the Holts packed clothes and linens to move.  Doug was to meet Chip in the morning to help grab more stuff and finish sandbagging. Chip called him to come earlier. Doug had to take Evie to school first and in that extra 30 minutes, the flood waters covered the road trapping Chip on the other side and preventing Doug from getting there.  Chip barely made it out in his truck!  In the next few days, their house would look as if it sat in the middle of a pond.  We lost some of our office product and the Holts lost much more.

Our team members are all safe and have been helping to be light and love in their communities.  I am very proud of all our team! The Walsh’s helped neighbors empty their house and provided free storage and a place to stay to neighbors along the river.  Marleny and David help sandbag a friend’s home and then ended up getting a team of volunteers to help that entire neighborhood.  Doug, Emma, and I filled and distributed free sandbags all over the southern end of our area. The Nobles fed people in their neighborhood who were on lower ground and flooded.

To all the you who donated money to the Hurricane Florence fund, thank you.  We used it to feed National Guard and EMS crews from three different cities: Charleston, Greenville, our local crew, and a crew from Mississippi. They fought past flash floods, the roads giving away under their tactical vehicles, alligators, poisonous snakes, and even eels!  They also fought for homeowners who still did not believe the waters would come. We gave them fresh fruit, fresh veggies, Chick-fil-a nuggets, and made them homemade salads, breakfast casserole, oatmeal bake, BBQ chicken, rice, and spaghetti. They were so grateful.

For all who have given extra into our general fund and for those of you that will give, thank you.   We will need income to replace what was lost.  Please pray for us as we continue to move through this long process.   We need favor, rapid speedy solutions, and peace for the Holts and us as our homes need a lot of work immediately.

Doug and I also have a busy October schedule that includes travel as well as a local school in the midst of the kitchen needing to be renovated and now one less bedroom for the temporary office.  We ask you guys to speak to the heavens to release to us the resources that God has stored up for us. We have had several prophetic words about that, and need them to come to fruition.

I’d like to leave you guys with this. With the internet and social media, we have unprecedented access to seeing and watching disaster worldwide! For people like me who are burden bearers, empaths, spiritually discerning, spiritually sensitive- whatever word you use- this is HARD.  We feel the atmosphere. We feel the grief and the loss when we see these events played on repeat worldwide over and over.  The last few weeks have been very trying for me as I sort through which of these feelings and burdens are mine and which am I picking up from elsewhere. We were not designed to carry these burdens.

So I encourage you if you are feeling anxiety, deep despair, or heaviness to come to the Lord and sit with Him. Ask Him what is yours and what is His. Then pray, intercede, worship, and give Him those feelings. For the spiritually sensitive, our call is to partner with God to release the opposite of what we feel. If you feel deep despair, call forth- command hope! If you feel anxiety, call forth the helpers to bring resources and help. Helpers bring hope! I noticed that when we partnered with the relief teams clearing out homes, that the anxiety lessened as I could focus on the helpers bringing resources. I encourage you to do the same! If you do not have time or money to donate, pray. Pray for those with resources to hear the Lord as to where to release the resources. Call forth resources in that area of devastation. Don’t live under the burden. It’s God’s responsibility. Yours is to pray and let it go.

Know we are so thankful for you all.


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